I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pet Pride!

Hey, get up off your tush!! It's time to go play with Bozo over at his pad in Mumbai! Get your human to click on the Man's pic and sign you up so you can tell us what's happening with you!

As you can tell, Mojo is definitely sleeping well these days!

Hmmmm??? Could this be the reason???

Well, whatever she was happy to have Maggie May come over for a visit! Maggie looks pretty pleased herself, don't you think?

It's been nice and sunny here for the past couple of days and we've really enjoyed sitting out on the deck soaking up some rays!

You guys take care, have a good week and meet us back here next weekend! OK?? Great!!

Shadow Shot Sunday!

Shadow sleuths unite! It's time to display the latest examples of your current addiction! Shadow Shots!! Shadow Shot is hosted each week by Tracy over at Hey Harriet, so click on the icon, sign up and get addicted like the rest of us!!

Well, we had sun this week, but unfortunately I didn't have a car this week, so I was busily running around the house, looking for shadows! Needless to say, I did find some.

And Sam the Man!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections is hosted by James each week beginning Friday at 11 AM. It's another wonderful way of opening your eyes to new and different kinds of beauty. Click on the icon and join us!

It's been sunny this week, but I've been without a car! I did manage to find some more pics from the Bird Sanctuary to share today.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sky Watch Friday!

Sky Watch is hosted each week by Klaus and the Sky Watch team -- Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and me. Every week hundreds of people share their incredible, beautiful, scary, peaceful, stormy skies and those skies never fail to take ones breath away. What do you find in your skies? Look up! And share them with us! Click on the icon, read the instructions and join us!!

Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth

A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.
Walt Whitman

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
Robin Williams

In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia.
Charles Lindbergh

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.
Ansel Adams

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.
John Ruskin

Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.
Henry David Thoreau

(But unfortunately or not, men did learn to fly and Thoreau is in all likelihood sitting in the clouds saying, "See! I told you so!")

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Evening, Wisdom and Beauty

The poetry of the earth is never dead. ~ John Keats

Senior Clouds,
some laden with stuff,
some stress-free,
on their annual
sight seeing vacation;
As some,
breathless above Seattle,
float lower,
a few tough ones,
a bit up there,
the dazzling snow.

"George ! Holy Halliburton !
I see the Himalayas!
We are in India !"....

And George,
who has travelled
the world,
as the most powerful man,
shook his head,
"it can't be....
I just pinged the guy
in the yacht below,
and he said
"Move on,
there is Arnold
somewhere down
the road;
as for us
we don't need
a Republican
in this lovely
Posted by Ugich Konitari to Sylvia From Over The Hill at May 12, 2010 8:07 PM

Great things are done when men and mountains meet.
This is not done by jostling in the street. ~ William Blake

Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mold myself. ~ Henry David Thoreau

The sun, with all those plants revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do. ~ Galileo

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. ~ Rachel Carson

If I were to discover a medicine that, with absolutely no side affects, would guarantee you peace, reduced stress, better health, close relationships, and increased vitality it would be a miracle! There is such a miracle, it is called forgiveness! ~ Dr. Lee Jampolsky

A Little Humor for the Day

How Adam Got Eve
Adam was hanging around the garden of Eden feeling very lonely.
So, God asked him, What's wrong with you?
Adam said he didn't have anyone to talk to.
God said that He was going to make Adam a companion and that it would be a woman.
He said, This pretty lady will gather food for you, she will cook for you,
and when you discover clothing, she will wash them for you.
She will always agree with every decision you make and she will not nag you.
And will always be the first to admit she was wrong when you've had a disagreement.
She will praise you!
She will bear your children.
And never ask you to get up in the middle of the night to take care of them.
She will NEVER have a headache and will freely give you love and
passion whenever you need it.
Adam asked God, 'What will a woman like this cost?'
'An arm and a leg.'
Then Adam asked, 'What can I get for a rib?'

Of course the rest is history...... ............!! !!

And this is history!

The Funeral Procession
A man was leaving a convenience store with his morning coffee when he noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery.
A long black hearse was followed by a second long black hearse about
50 feet behind the first one.
Behind the second hearse was a solitary man walking a dog on a leash.
Behind him, a short distance back, were about 200 men walking single file.
The man couldn't stand the curiosity. He respectfully approached the man walking the dog and said, 'I am so sorry for your loss, and this may be a bad time to disturb you, but I've never seen a funeral like this.
Whose funeral is it?'
'My wife's.
'What happened to her?'
The man replied, 'My dog attacked and killed her'
He inquired further, 'But who is in the second hearse?'
The man answered, 'My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my wife when the dog turned on her.'
A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passed between the two men.
'Can I borrow the dog?'
The man replied, 'Get in line.'

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Q

And today's class on the alphabet is brought to you by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt and the ABC Team of Denise, Roger, Jay, Troy, Barb, Gattina and me! So improve your mind by clicking on the icon, signing up and show us just how brilliant you are!!

Q is for today's Quiz! So, are your ready for the first Question?

What can we learn from a Quote like this one?

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

Well, you get the picture!

Next Question! What is the best way to keep from being overdrawn at your bank?

Why, use Quicken, of course!

Excellent! You now Qualify for a large Quanity of Quiche

and a Quart of ale.

Then you can kick back and enjoy a Quiet nap under a colorful Quilt.

Any Questions???

Great! See you next week!

Monday, May 10, 2010

That's My World

What do you find beautiful, interesting, funny, moving about your world? Join us this week and every week and share your world with us! My World is hosted each week by Klaus and the My World Team, Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and me!

We have had some gorgeous weather the past few days and I resumed my quest for lovely things to share with you today! It was wonderful down at the harbor, lots of sun, colorful sailboats!

We are each responsible for our own happiness.
Dr. Lee Jampolsky

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them? Rose Kennedy

Nature can do more than physicians.
Oliver Cromwell

To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature.
August Rodin

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin

Earth laughs in flowers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
Gerard De Nerval

Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, May 9, 2010

MicroFiction Monday

>Susan at Stony River Farm hosts Microfiction Monday. She posts a picture and you compose a story in 140 characters. You can click on the icon to get further instructions. To help you along she has posted a wonderful link that counts your characters for you! How great is that! You can get the counter at Design 215.

This meme is easy and it's fun! Thanks, Susan for hosting.

And here's the picture for the day!

Wait up, guys, I just stepped in another pile of dog poop! I hate these robes!
And the sandals! And I hate costume parties even more!


Happy Mother's Day!


Real Mothers don't eat quiche;
They don't have time to make it.

Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils
Are probably in the sandbox.

Real Mothers often have sticky floors,
Filthy ovens and happy kids.

Real Mothers know that dried play dough
Doesn't come out of carpets.

Real Mothers don't want to know what
The vacuum just sucked up...

Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?'
And get their answer when a little
Voice says, 'Because I love you best.'

Real Mothers know that a child's growth
Is not measured by height or years or grade....
It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother.....

The Images of Mother

4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything!

8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!

12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn't know everything!

14 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother? She wouldn't have a clue.
16 YEARS OF AGE - Mother? She's so five minutes ago.

18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She's way out of date!

25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it!

35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.

45 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?

65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mom.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she
carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she
Shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!

What Can I Say?

What Can I Say?
I'm interested in almost everything. Use to like to travel, but it's too expensive now. I take Tai Chi classes, swim, volunteer in a Jump-start program for pre-schoolers. I'm an avid reader and like nearly everyone these days I follow politics avidly. I'm a former teacher and Special Projects Coordinator for a Telecommunications company, Assistant to the President of a Japanese silicon wafer manufacturing company. Am now enjoying retirement -- most of the time. I have two daughters, one son-in-law and two sons scattered all over the country. No grandchildren.

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