I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Evening, Wisdom and Beauty!!

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
Lou Holtz

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus


Island Rambles Blog said...

Those are beautiful scenes and wonderful colors...I am wishing I had summer now, we are at the shortest days, soon the days will get lighter. cheers.

Mama Zen said...

That second shot is so pretty!

Huzhar said...

Very beautiful indeed..
Love the evening sky..

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Really beautiful shots and quotes to go with them. I love that Lou Holtz quote.

Betsy Adams said...

Great photos and quotes, Sylvia. I especially love that Einstein one about NATURE.


TexWisGirl said...

pretty cloud in the last!

cieldequimper said...

Love the skies but ah those spring blooms!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautiful blossoms Sylvia and inspiring skies. Lets hope more people take the time to appreciate natures magic.

lotusleaf said...

The flowers are so pretty. All the quotes make me pause and think.

Jo said...

Hi Sylvia, lovely photos and quotes. I also love your header, as usual! Thanks for your kind comment on my post about our loss of dear Tigger. I appreciate your friendship. Hope you're having a great week. Jo

Merisi said...

beautiful, Silvia, truly uplifting images and words!
Thank you and a wonderful week to you,

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sylvia girl these pictures are simply stunning ... I love seeing sunsets and these are amazing .. the quotes are perfect as well !
Joy : )

Angie Church said...

beautiful pictures
come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Indrani Ghose said...

I love these shots.

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