I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wanna Trade Places???

A man was sick and tired of going to work every day
while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went  through so he prayed:
'Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife  merely stays at home.  I want her to know what I go through. So, please allow her body to switch with mine for a day.'
God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man's wish. The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman... He arose, cooked breakfast  for his mate, Awakened the kids,
Set out their school clothes, Fed them breakfast, Packed their lunches,  Drove them to school, Came home and picked  up the dry cleaning,  Took it to the cleaners!  And stopped at the bank  to make a deposit.
Went grocery shopping, Then drove home to put away the groceries.  Paid the bills and balanced the check book.
He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog.
Then, it was already 1 P.M.  And he hurried to make the beds, do the laundry, vacuum, dust, And sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
He ran to the school to pick up  the kids and got into an argument with them on the way home. Set out milk and cookies and got the kids organized to do their homework.
Then, set up the ironing board and watched TV while he
did the ironing.
At 4:30 he began peeling potatoes and washing vegetables for salad, breaded the pork chops and snapped fresh beans for supper.
After supper, He cleaned the kitchen, Ran the dishwasher,
Folded laundry, bathed the kids, and put them to bed.
At 9 P.M. he was exhausted and, though his daily chores
 weren't finished, he went to bed where he was expected to make love, which he managed to get through without complaint.
The next morning, he awoke and immediately knelt by the  bed and said: Lord, I don't know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife's being able to stay home all day.  Please!  Oh, Please! Let us trade back.. Amen!' 

The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, replied: 'My son, I feel you have learned your lesson and  I will be happy to change  things back to the way  they were. You'll just have to wait nine months, though. You got pregnant last night.'
This has been voted Women's Favorite  E-mail of the Year!


Andrea Priebe said...

Oh my ... I don't remember my days being that hectic ... maybe it's because we love what we do, Ha! That's what men need to figure out and get a job where they will love what they do ... Wouldn't that be nice ... in a perfect world :) I did, as I always do when I come to see you Sylvia, get a smile out of this. Especially the pregnant part ... would love to be there when he delivers, Ha!

Andrea @ From The Sol

TexWisGirl said...


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh that me made me smile after midnight here in Perth Sylvia :) I think that if men had the babies the world would be made up of one child families :)

Brian Miller said...

hahahaha....oh my...his worst test is surely yet to come in giving birth...thanks for the smiles this morning...

Terrence Weijnschenk said...

Haha! Serves him right to think people who stay at home do nothing all day. As a single dad I can only day; glad my children are getting old enough to do their own laundry! :-)

Terrence from Amsterdam

Lowell said...

Very funny, but my wife and I have shared many of the "chores" and it's worked out well. I watch golf while ironing! :)

Lois said...

I love it! Reminds me of the "I Love Lucy" episode where Ricky and Fred traded places with Lucy and Ethel for the day.

magiceye said...

An excellent alternative to empathy

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