I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

That's My World!

That's My World is hosted each week by Klaus and the My World team, Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and me. Click on the icon and share your world with others from all over Our World! So! How is your world this week? Have you taken time to see the beauty there? What is it about your world that makes you smile or laugh or feel grateful for? It is chilly, wet, gray -- you get the picture, right? But I still have a great world -- just have to look a little harder and here are some views from the better times! This first shot I took from a bus stop and the lines and poles are a distraction, but the colors of the trees along the freeway and on the hill were so beautiful and typical of the colors you still can see all over the city -- although they are fading!

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it."
Mark Twain

I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want.  — Mark Twain

Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72.  — Mark Twain

There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.  — Mark Twain

Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.  — Mark Twain

No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.
Mark Twain


Naturedigital said...

Beautiful photographs and wise quotes again Sylvia.
Have a great week.

Mama Zen said...

That second shot is just stunning!

Indrani said...

I like that quote on humor, we all need it. :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Sylvia, I just had to copy the first quotation. And of course the turtle floating on the piece of wood. And the rest of your photos, too.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quotes and glorious colours in your photos! Can't see any sign of your grey weather...

Sally in WA said...

You always have such nice pictures and quotes. Have a great week, Sylvia!

Pam said...

You always see the sunny side of life, Sylvia.. I love that kind of attitude and outlook on life.
You do live in a beautiful and versatile world.
be well, be happy ;)

Photo Cache said...

another winning combo of images and witty quotes. i especially love the one about dying at 27 and burying at 72. that's funny and sadly true.

have a lovely week.

Life Ramblings said...

beautiful captures with accompanying quotes to match. have a wonderful week.

Jo said...

Beautiful photos, every one, Sylvia. I especially love the turtle on the wall - very casual-looking. I had a LOUD LOL at "Familiarity breeds contempt and children" Hoo-boy. Thanks for sharing your world and being part of this wonderful meme. Have a wonderful day. Blessings from Jo

Martha Z said...

You’re images are outstanding today but then, that is not unusual.
I particularly liked Mark Twain's distinction between country and government. Too often people will say that one is unpatriotic for criticizing government actions they don’t agree with. I get annoyed with the “love it or leave it” rhetoric which we heard too often in the ‘60s and seems to be making a comeback of late.

Titania said...

It is always a pleasure to see the diversity of scenery, snapshots and all the interesting quotes, which always ring true and also make me smile; Mark Twain knew how people tick. He was a great thinker.

Carver said...

Sylvia your world is so beautiful. I love all of the shots and the turtle was an unexpected surprise.

Maboe said...

Yes, he was a great thinker.

Ramosforest.Environment said...

Beautiful World and nature colors.
Luiz Ramos

Kay said...

That 2nd shot is a special stunner! Wow! It just jumps out at you. You do live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Random Treasures said...

I love your sky pictures more, rich in color. Great pictures and thanks for sharing.

EG Wow said...

I love your world, Sylvia! You have a terrific sense of humour!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Sempre molto belle le tue foto.
Mi piace questo tuo mondo.
Buona serata :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
I wanted to see the World on Tuesday...
Your post is great...beautiful world!

Ebie said...

Those bright colored leaves made your gray day so cheerful!

City views, coastal and skies are beautiful!

Gunsside said...

Lots of lovely colors in your post this week
- lovely shots ;)
.. like your quotes ;)

mollygolver said...

Breath taking are the only words I can use. Love the quotes underneath each pic too!

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

First I must say I love the top picture - makes one happy :)
The skyline is awesome - hope I can shoot something like it once :)
Take care and have a good week!

J Bar said...

I really like the autumn colours.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Nessa said...

Your town is beautiful and those Twain quotes are so funny.

Anonymous said...

Your choice of quotes is indeed always able to leave me with a "bleached kind of mind" - I thank you for that !
Great photography of what seems to be a peaceful place. Please have a good Tuesday.

daily athens

p.s.: thought that the "force" could as well be applied to life itself, thank you for your kind words.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love the Mark Twain quotes...so "right-on" in meaning...and, your photography is such a feast for the eyes! I LOVE that second shot, especially. ooooo that's pretty!

Sistertex said...

The sun paints the sky into such beautiful portraits...excellent captures.

lotusleaf said...

I love that tortoise!Have a nice evening!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great shots, especially the first. I live in a city. I don't worry about the power lines and other relics of modern life getting in the way of a shot. I just shoot it.

magiceye said...

beautiful images and fabulous quotes

Al said...

Beautiful shots as always, Sylvia. The sunset shots are exquisite. Have a great week, and hopefully you'll see some of that sunshine that brings out the best in Seattle!

alicesg said...

Very beautiful scenery. Love the quotes that you always accompany with your photos. Have a nice day.

Ugich Konitari said...

The third...

The all pervading
of the earth,
wide across
and traveling
in giant waves;
and the
firmly set,
brown and green
supporter of
homes and folks.

They meet,
with an almighty bang,
with a gentle
lapping of waves,
tickling the other ,
"hello !".....

has so many lessons
those that meet
we have no time
to listen and enjoy
the quiet,
and messaging
of the waves...

Joanna said...

That Mark Twain was an astute guy and so good with the words. I also like your photographs Sylvia.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful collection of shots. Fantastic variety.

Luna Miranda said...

i love the poem!
beautiful sunsets...i especially like the 4th photo. have a great day, Sylvia!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I LOVE your turtle!

Halie Santos - Dayo said...

The Mark Twain quotes and your photos are a match made in heaven.

If you have time, do drop by:

Wandering to the Quiapo Church

EcoRover said...

You're on a roll here with the great MT quotes & pics. And what a beautiful contribution Ugich made to your site (and in the comments, too)--thank you for sharing the good words & photos.

George said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your part of the world. Thanks, too, for the Mark Twain quotes. I really like his definition of patriotism.

BraCom (Bram) said...

Beautiful My World posting, wonderful photos
like the autumn colors and the sunset photo

Have a nice week,
Greetings, Bram

My Word Tuesday post

Seen on My World Tuesday

Dave said...

lovely quotes and images!

Rambling Round said...

Quite a range of scenery today! Still lovin' those Mark Twain quotes!

indicaspecies said...

That is a wonderful world, and the poetry is excellent too.

jabblog said...

Mark Twain is so quotable - the right words for every occasion and every photograph. Lovely post, Sylvia :-)

Boonie S said...

You take beautiful photos. I love the quotes too. Why do I never compose anything as profound as them....?

Have a nice day, Boonie

Arti said...

The second and the fifth pics, and the quotes are just fabulous... Absolutely loved them!!
Have a great day:)
My Yatra Diary...

NatureFootstep said...

a beautiful world where you live. I have snowstorm today, and I will NOT go outside. Lots of trouble in traffic today. :(

cloudbusting2 said...

27 is a magic number. How did he know that so many of them will go away at that age?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics - love the last one best. Have you heard about mark Twain's new book coming out - 100 years after he passed? Can't wait to read it.

Elfe said...

Beautiful pictures, I like them all, especially the last one and the big town. We haven't something like that hier in our country. And I also love the wise quotes from Mark Twain.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a good week!
My World on "sky and earth"

Gattina said...

Your world looks quiet colorful too ! I like the little turtle, showing it's butty !

Randi said...

Terrific captures as always, Sylvia… and I love the quotes to go with it!

Arija said...

Jeez, you write a comment and it just won't load. At times I could strangle our internet provider.

You live with so much beauty surrounding you that it gives peace to the soul except of course when the comments don't load.

Jay said...

Gorgeous photos! I sometimes think we try too hard to keep the lines and poles out of our pictures - they are, after all, part of our lives - but it's true that photos usually look better without them. However, the nice thing about your 'lines and poles' picture is that this is what your city is like - colourful, bursting-with-life nature, and you've taken the time to notice it and enjoy it.

I love the Mark Twain quotes. My favourite is the one about patriotism; it's something successive governments have worked hard at try to get us to forget. They accuse us of not being 'patriotic' if we don't care for a particular leader, but Twain had it right!

JM said...

Beautiful autumn colours, gorgeous sunsets and fantastic city view! Well done.

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