I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Giggle for the Day!!

When I was young in the 1960's, I decided I wanted to a be doctor so I took the entrance exam to go to Medical School.

One of the questions asked us was to rearrange the letters PNEIS into the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect.

Those who answered 'spine' are doctors today.  The rest of us are sending jokes via email.

Have a wonderful day with lots of smiles and giggles


Mama Zen said...

That's hilarious!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
..........................oops............ YAM xx

TexWisGirl said...


John's Island said...

Hi Sylvia, I am so glad you decided to stick around and keep on blogging because you just helped me understand why I'm not a doctor. Hah Hah!!! :-) Well, that will have me smiling for a while. Hope you are having a good week down in beautiful Portland. We had a big wind storm today and many in Seattle lost power. I've been lucky so far! Take care and have a fine week ahead!

Linda said...

Good one!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Banana! I needed that laugh Sylvia :)

Indrani said...

Ha ha good one. :)

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