I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Memories

I watched a very interesting documentary tonight about Kris Kristofferson and it stirred up a host of memories from the past. I have always been a fan of his and, of course, agreed with his politics and views. But it also led me back many years, to other times, other places. Sometimes that’s fun and sometimes it’s not, depending on what memories you stir up. But tonight this brought back lovely memories of my family traveling in our Winnebago all over the west and northwest and Canada. Memories of our four kids, sitting in the back of the motor home, on our bed, listening to what they called their “traveling music”; music they kept in the motor home, specific tapes (that was in the days of 8 track tapes) that they saved for our trips and as far as I can remember, those were the only times they listened to that particular music. Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and Kris Kristofferson were among their special “travelin’” favorites.

As they got older they all moved onto different genres, musicians, singers and songwriters, but even today they have some of those “old” guys tucked away in their music collections. In fact, the year that I lived in Mexico, my oldest son, David and my youngest daughter, Kerith, came down for Christmas. David had gone back to college the year before and that Christmas his budget was really tight. My Christmas gift to him that year had been his ticket to join Kerith and I for the holidays and his gift for me was a CD he had burned with all of Neil Diamond’s old favorites, the ones we had played and sung along with, and danced to while the motor home moved down the highways, on many of those lovely trips.

So, as I listened to Kristofferson tonight, not only talking about his life and his battles for human rights, but singing some of the old songs that I could still remember all the words to and sing along with and I felt that lovely, warm glow that comes with beautiful, happy memories. I feel so blessed to have so many of those memories to enjoy; recapturing those happy, fun-filled times.

Yes, it has been a lovely evening and I shall sleep well tonight.


Kay said...

Good gravey! I'm visiting you again. I needed to know what your happy memories were. I loved those performers, too! Neil happens to be my husband's favorite singer.

Margie's Musings said...

He was mine too. He and John Denver.

Ah....8 tracks...I had nearly forgotten about them.

Deborah Godin said...

It's so wonderful that music can do that for us. I'll have to be on the lookout for the documentary, I like his music, too, and am a big Rita Coolidge fan as well.

pink dogwood said...

beautiful memories - thanks for sharing.

bobbie said...

Music never fails to bring us memories. And thank heaven for that. I'm glad you had a wonderful evening and slept well.

Anonymous said...

Great memories. I love Neil Diamond's music, too. I remember those 8-tracks.

Darlene said...

I go back further than you in my music memories. I was young in the big band age and special music brings back special memories. My favorite vocalists were (and are) Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Ella Fitzgerald, Jo Stafford and a few others.

It's strange how music or a scent can put you right back where you were when you heard or smelled it.

Rain said...

That sounds totally great and the kind of documentary that I'd love. Kris had some great movies that he made also especially westerns. Not the big ones but little stories that were heartwarming. I HAVE to join netflix as we don't get things like that in our local video stores-- although I do have two lined up for this week-end that sound good. Mongol is one :) I'll let you know if it is good

Susan said...

My best childhood memories are 'road' memories too! Back then Sundays meant a long drive to some little town or landmark or just to enjoy the view or a nice picnic lunch somewhere. Now people are too busy every weekend, and spend their money on big-ticket vacations; my family never had one of those, but I think we had it better back then!

Thanks for sharing!

June Saville said...

A good antidote for the times Sylvia. I love his music too.

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