I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

My World

We had lots of snow last week. We had snow and sun, snow and fog, snow and gray skies. This much snow -- the kind that hangs around for days, is rare in Seattle. I've been told that this hasn't happened in thirty years! Click on the icon to join us every week to share your world with us!



This grove of trees is down by the harbor where I frequently take photos.


This is what that same grove of trees looked like six weeks ago! Not much time, a whole lot of difference!

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Joy said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow! Love the photos!

Leora said...

Those poor trees! They really do look frozen in the winter pic, and relaxed a few weeks ago! I hope people can enjoy the snow.

fishing guy said...

Sylvia: It has been a strange Fall/Winter here also. We set records in November for snow falls. I like the before and after photo.

Anonymous said...

Lots of snow. I hope you're not tired of it already.

Happy New Year.

babooshka said...

Same scene such a different image. Mother nature give us so many beautiful sights.

mom/caryn said...

The contrast of the seasons is interesting to see in these photos. I sort of favor the picture six weeks ago. The mood of the winter scene is thought provoking. But the summer scene is just more welcoming.

I can't help it. I love spring, summer and fall. I like winter. I can appreciate it's beauty. But, it's something I always wait anxiously to see leave the landscape. The first raspberry starts in spring make my lil heart flutter. I find that I'm tired of winter before Valentine's Day ever
lands at my door.

It's been a pleasure to catch up with your posts today. I've been out of town and not tapping on the keyboard for a while. I needed to catch up in the lives of several of my favorites. I think I've commented on most of those that I missed in my absence.

Arija said...

The snow looks so lovely and clean in the sunlight. Enjoy it while you can, a change is after all, like a holiday.
A very Happy New Year to you!

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is a lot of snow for sure, ours all is melted now with rains and warmer temp.
Happy New Year

mannanan said...

The photo of the trees in the snow is stunning, I just love it. Thanks for sharing your world with us.

2sweetnsaxy said...

That's a lot of beautiful snow. That is a huge difference in 6 weeks. Wow. :-)

Ruth said...

This does not look like my mental image of Seattle. My niece lives in Spokane and they have been snowed under. Lovely pictures though.

soulbrush said...

what lovely views. are you really 75? your blog is so much younger! i am adding you to my list of favourites, as i wanna see more of you.

Anonymous said...

I love snow, could you send a lot of it this way (New Jersey). I want a snow storm, but it has to be here before February (we're leaving for Florida then).

Happy New Year to you, my dear friend.

Gaelyn said...

It is so amazing to see this much snow in Seattle. Thanks for sharing Sylvia.

Happy New Years!

Tabib said...

So cold!.
Great pictures of that trees, with snow and no snows

Powell River Books said...

Our snow came and stayed for over a week. Now it it pretty much gone except for the piles in parking lots and along the roads. I love the snow, but it is a lot easier to drive now that it is mostly gone. - Margy

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