I miss you Sam!!

I miss you Sam!!
I miss you Sam!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Senior Dress Code

Many of us 'Old Folks' (those over 50, WAY over 50, or hovering near 50) are quite confused today about how we should present ourselves. Feeling 'young', we try to conform to current fashions and present a youthful image.
Contrary to what you may have seen on the streets, the following combinations DO NOT go together and should be avoided:

1. A nose ring and bifocals
2. Spiked hair and bald spots
3. A pierced tongue and dentures
4. Miniskirts and support hose
5. Ankle bracelets and corn pads
6. Speedos and cellulite
7. A belly button ring and a gall bladder surgery scar
8. Unbuttoned disco shirts and a heart monitor
9. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge
10. Bikinis and liver spots
11. Mini skirts and varicose veins
12. Inline skates and a zimmer
Most importantly

At some point you have to give up them
'DAISY DUKE' shorts


Louise said...


bobbie said...

Oh, if only they would give them up! Some of the sights we see on the beach and boardwalk in the summer!

Frankie Anon said...

I love your humor! These are just too funny.

Peggy said...

That is a photo to remember. LOL

pink dogwood said...

wow - got a great laugh :)

storyteller said...

Ohmygosh ... that picture is something else and your post made me laugh out loud!!!!!
Hugs and blessings,

Lilly's Life said...

Oh my gosh that photo - surely a joke or at least I hope.

Dragonstar said...


Here we often see schoolgirls with bulging bare midriffs and various piercings. I haven't seen older ones yet - and I don't want to!

Anonymous said...

OMG I hope I never see anything as bad as that. Maybe she dosen't look in a mirror.

Joy said...

Too funny! Yikes about that woman who looks like Barbara Bush in Daisy Dukes!

Sérgio Pontes said...

Well, she is original =)

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